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Several months ago we set about developing a TV system that would rival the Android TV devices. Many people said that it was a very steep learning curve with the Raspberry Pi TV systems,  and at that time they were right. For experienced users it can take from a few hours to many days to configure a Raspberry Pi TV system. We are sure that some less experienced users simply give up and go out and buy an Android device. Don’t get us wrong we are not knocking the Android TV devices but we prefer the flexibility and unrivaled support you get with the Raspberry Pi systems. The Android operating system is relatively new in IT terms but the basic system used by the Pi dates way back to the mid 1960’s. See Wikipedia for further details on the history of Unix.

So the maturity of the underlying operating system used by the Raspberry Pi means at some point over the last 50 odd years you can bet someone has had the same problem as you and the techies have found a solution many years ago. The same can not be said for the Android operating system. Some utilities were written decades ago and they integrate with ease on the Raspberry Pi. So the device isn’t simply a media player. It can perform home automation tasks like controlling your air con or your alarm system, perform audio translation between numerous language pairs and a whole host of other things.

The Pi was ‘born’ back in 2006 as the brainchild of a group of Oxford University techies and today the Raspberry Pi Foundation is a registered charity helping to nurture the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg from the schoolkids of Britain.

So now we are pleased to announce the EZ(as)PiTV system and an associated challenge for you, well two challenges to be honest. Our main aims when we set out to develop the system were:

The Latest EZ(as)PiTV System

1. To be within the ability of everyone with just the absolute minimum of computer experience. We will let you be the judge of how well we have performed in this area and look forward to reading your feedback.

2. To be watching your favourite TV channel within 10 minutes from a standing start. The 10 minutes to be stress free and within the ability of a basic to average computer user. The time taken to activate your EZ(as)PiTV system is not 10 minutes of intense graduate level Computer science and more than half the time is the download phase of the software. Sit back and relax, after the download a handful of clicks and you are operational. As long as you can plug in an HDMI cable, insert an SD card and a power supply you have the skill set required to get this up and running.

3. Linked to the 10 minutes, open the box to watching the TV, time is a compact download and a respectably small operating system. The download is under 250MB and when the software is expanded it will fit on a 1GB SD card, but only just. We wanted the system to be as cheap to set up as possible but you are free to use larger SD cards if you wish.

The EZ(as)PITV Remote Control4. To be operational with the absolute minimum outlay on peripherals for the Raspberry Pi. It may be that you become as a big a fan of the Pi as we are and go on to buy all the assocaited peripherals but for starters we want you to buy ‘nothing’. Beg, steal, borrow or buy a Pi, and see what the EZ(as)PiTV system is all about. For many modern TV’s the software can be operated with your existing remote control if you are using HDMI. The software comes configured to use the cheapest remote control available on Ebay if your existing remote doesn’t work. Just two bucks, two euros or two quid including delivery for the remote controls on Ebay and the basic commands of stop, up, down, back etc set up for you. This alone can save you days of tweaking and configuring!

Just to emphasise when you insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi the TV channels from around the world and 1000’s of movies will be available, immediately. No set up, no further downloads, a fully working TV system within 10 minutes! Are you ready to watch all the Football World Cup games from the comfort of your living room?


Now lets get to the first challenge we have for you. The download link for the EZ(as)PiTV System is shown below and we challenge you to be watching live TV within 10 minutes. We want to know just how quickly you can get this running. It will obviously depend how fast your internet connection is and therefore it will vary from user to user but we expect to hear from some users that they had it running in under 5 minutes! Are you ready for the first challenge? Download the EZ(as)PiTV System

Once you have set the download running you can also download Win32 Disk Imager and 7-Zip if you don’t already have them on your PC. Install these two software utilities whilst the EZ(as)PiTV system is downloading to save you time. Then you can unzip the EZ(as)PiTV software by double-clicking the .7z file you downloaded to generate the SD card image (.img) file. Write the .img file to your SD card with Win32 Disk Imager and when complete eject (safely) from your PC, insert into your Raspberry Pi and power it up.

Please watch this brief YouTube video if you are new to Win32 Disk Imager.

Either with sudo cat /proc/cpuinfo at a terminal prompt on a working Pi or by booting up the EZ(as)PiTV software on your Pi, make a note of the last 8 characters of your serial number and enter the details in the box below:

The website will then automatically email the keyfile to you to activate the software. Put your SD card in your PC and delete the existing .pisn.aes file. Replace it with the one that was emailed to you ensuring it starts with a dot, so .pisn.aes not pisn.aes. Certainly with Gmail when you download the .pisn.aes file from your email to your PC the filename will change to pisn.aes, change it back to .pisn.aes on your SD card. Check your spam filter if you don’t receive the keyfile to your email inbox. Slot the SD card back in the Pi, boot up and you now have live TV!

If you like the basic EZ(as)PiTV system we know you are going to love the advanced system which incorporates the latest Gotham build and various TV viewing guides. Please see hear or click the widget to the right for details of the advanced EZ(as)PiTV system. If the link has changed just enter EZ(as)PiTV in the search box on Ebay.

That brings us to the second challenge. We would like to know from the techies around the world how long it takes you to bypass the unlocking code. Please email us details of how long it took you and what method you used to bypass the code.

Good luck with the challenges and we do hope you enjoy your new TV viewing experience.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be able to follow everything in the video playing in the right sidebar to get free TV. Are you an expat longing to watch TV from your home country but restricted or bogged down with buffering? Maybe you want to be able to watch all the sports channels and latest movies?

You might be surprised to learn that MOST channels do not require the extra expense of a VPN service. There are also TV systems available for viewers without a fixed line internet connection. This is ideal for families holidaying overseas that don’t want to miss their favourite TV programs whilst they are away. We specialise in providing Free TV systems designed to your specific requirements. Please take a look at the Questions and Answers page to find out more or complete the short form down the right hand side of this page.

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