TV Guide

The OnTapp TV Guide for the EZ(as)PiTV System makes for a much better user experience for watching TV on a Raspberry Pi.

If you watch the video on YouTube here the annotations will be easier to follow.


TV Remote Control

This TV remote control is for a Samsung TV and you should have similar buttons somewhere on your remote control. The button marked Menu is actually the Return key on this model of remote control. The Menu brings up the context sensitive menus for the video add-ons and these will include usernames and password settings etc.

We have already entered usernames and passwords for the most popular add-ons but occasionally you might need to use this context sensitive menu at some stage. If you are using one of our basic remote controls that connects to the GPIO pins on the Pi the context sensitive menu can be obtained by pressing the # key.

If you can’t find a key on your remote control that brings up the context sensitive menu you will need to use a USB mouse and right click the add-on you wish to configure.

You might want to print out a copy of this remote control and look for similar keys on your remote. Stop is almost always shown as a solid square block but others for Back / ESC are not always so obvious. Pressing an incorrect key may lock up your system so be careful which ones you press in the different section of the EZ(as)PiTV system.

If you are not using the OnTapp TV guide, or similar, you will simply use the remote to select the specific add-ons and channels within the add-ons. So scroll left on the main menu to videos and then perhaps click FilmOn, then UK channels and finally Channel4.

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