EZ(as)PiTV System – Basic Operational Guidance

Thank you for your purchase of the EZ(as)PiTV System

Our pre Gotham version, including licensing details is available here but as an Ebay buyer you will find our much improved Gotham release here. It is about 458MB zipped but still expands to well under 1GB. You can then obviously expand the filesystem on your SD cards if you wish. If you have any problems with the download at Mega please use the Dropbox link here.

As with the earlier version of EZ(as)PiTV you will have 60 seconds when you boot up each Pi to obtain your serial number for licensing on our website. After 60 seconds the Pi will shutdown.

There are some excellent internet TV service providers that offer very robust servers or HD quality streaming from as little as €15 per month but for now we will assume you want to watch TV without incurring any monthly costs. Please send us an email if you want details of some of the subscription services available.

Once you have licensed the software there are two different ways to view TV from around the world.

1. Until recently most users would go into the VIDEOS section by selecting Add-ons or select one of the icons underneath the videos menu. The majority of users would select FilmOn (or one of the derivatives of FTV, NotFilmOn or ExPAT TV). FilmOn has TV channels from the UK, USA, Russia, Germany, Canada, Middle East, France, Italy, Australia, Africa and Asia etc. There is also a good selection of films on offer from FilmOn including the Film4 channel. If you want to watch live sport, the latest movie releases or view TV from even more countries then take a look at MashUp. You can search for almost any movie ever released or select Live Streams for live sport and worldwide TV channels. ByCountry will bring up 75 countries or so for you to choose TV channels from. KiwiKlm05’s Streams and Buzzy Sports in MashUp offer a very good selection of international sport at zero cost to you.

2. For a more intuitive viewing system we now have a couple of TV viewing guides for you to choose from. The FTV Guide (in Programs and with an icon below the Programs menu) is a free TV guide. The first time you select the guide it can take 5 minutes or more to collate all the TV viewing data for the available channels. Simply click the channel you want to view and away you go. A much more professional TV guide is the OnTapp TV guide (in Videos and with an icon below the Videos Menu). The TV guide loads up considerably quicker and is much more flexible than the FTV guide. You can try the basic channels available from OnTapp TV without paying anything but you do need to register with the service provider. If you like the basic channels you can have access to the full channel guide from just £19 PER YEAR. Please email us if you need further details on either of the TV guides.

We have created a short video of the EZ(as)PiTV system with the OnTapp TV guide. It also includes rebooting and powering off the system. You can find the video here.

The majority of TV channels from around the world can be viewed WITHOUT geo-masking (VPN access) but a small selection will require you to fool the TV station into thinking that you are located in their country. A good example of this was the recent World Cup games broadcast by the BCC and ITV in the UK. After a few matches FIFA asked FilmOn to block viewers from outside the UK as they had obviously entered into financial agreements with TV broadcasters in other countries around the world. So if you are located in France or Spain you were expected to watch the matches with French and Spanish commentary from the local TV stations. Not ideal if you grasp of the French and Spanish languages are limited. From as little as £3 per month you can bypass the geo-blocking on the small number of channels that try to limit viewing to local residents. Drop us an email for details of the VPN provider we recommend that doesn’t lead to buffering like many VPN providers do.

If you have the latest version of our software scroll across to SYSTEM and then select OpenELEC to ensure you have the correct DNS settings. Scroll down to Connections and then across to the Wired or Wireless connection you are using. Press Enter, Select or OK on your remote / keyboard and then down to Edit. Then down to DNS Servers and you should have the Google DNS IP addresses of and towards the right of your screen. If you don’t, edit them accordingly and if you are using a VPN service you would enter the IP addresses of at least 2 servers here.

Let us know when you have tried the new version and don’t forget to provide feedback via Ebay.



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