Save Money with Easy Home Automation

If it takes 19 minutes to heat enough hot water for a shower why pay for 30 minutes of electricity?

Save money with Kodi Control Home AutomationMost electrical timers don’t allow users to select the precise amount of time that a device is active for. The timers that do are normally very expensive so we have developed a low cost electrical timer that will save you money from day one.

So what is Kodi Control? Kodi is the new name for XBMC, one of the leading, cross platform, media players used by people all over the world. The media player allows you to watch live and catch up TV plus 1000’s of films on Windows PC’s, Linux machines, Raspberry Pi’s and Android devices etc. With Kodi Control you can now activate RF controlled devices around your home a with single press of your TV remote control. You decide the precise amount of time that your hot water boiler, electric blanket or security alarm etc is on for. Why pay for 30 minutes of electricity if it only takes 19 minutes for a hot shower?

Set the precise amount of electricity used by your home appliances with Kodi Control.

Kodi Control has been designed for the very latest stable release of Kodi, code named Helix. Kodi Control comes complete with an RF controlled boiler switch, a USB port controller unit and the required software. The boiler switch can operate loads up to 4 KW and although they are designed for boilers they can be used to control any electrical device (up to 4 KW). See the two pictures below which show the original boiler control switch (centre switch) and the RF controlled switch which comes with the Kodi Control kit. Full installation and operating instructions are provided but please adhere to the Electrical Safety Standards in your country.

Original electrical bolier switchKodi Control RF Boiler Switch

The software is preconfigured to control the boiler switch, the popular Status remote control electrical sockets (13A) and bespoke relays rated to 3 KW. However the Kodi Control unit also includes an RF receiver so users can point any 433 MHz RF remote control (except security rolling code remote controls) at the Kodi Control unit and it will learn the required codes. Again full details of how to add new codes are supplied with the kits and we offer a 25% refund for any 433 MHz RF device that the kit can’t control (rolling codes excluded). So if the Kodi Control kit can only activate the supplied boiler switch, low cost Status electrical sockets and bespoke relays you pay just 75% of the already amazingly low price. This 25% discount is an introductory offer, only available for purchases from this website. As soon as we have obtained a critical mass of users that have confirmed our device works with all the major RF devices currently available this offer will be withdrawn.

One problem with many Home Automation systems is the lack of feedback when RF signals are sent to the devices. With our system you have visual confirmation that the RF signal has been actioned, how cool is that?

Users can set up to 10 future timed ON /OFF transitions for their RF devices with future timed intervals of hourly, daily or weekly.  For example, if you want the boiler on 3 times every day you would use 3 daily transitions at your chosen operating times. In addition to the hourly, daily or weekly repeating transitions you have the single click of the TV remote to activate your RF device and as shown you don’t even need to stop the channel you are viewing.

Single click Home Automation control

As soon as the end time is reached a further pop up will appear on the screen to confirm that the RF device is now off. Pop up confirmation that the RF device is now off

Originally Kodi Control was developed for the Raspberry Pi and it is still probably our device of choice as it allows us to provide full operating systems with Kodi Control embedded. With the expansion of the various Raspberry Pi models this is becoming a little more difficult but nowhere near the impossible task of providing a full Windows Operating system with Kodi Control embedded. We soon realised that the excellent cross platform support provided by Kodi meant that Kodi Control is suitable for almost all media players on the market today. It has been thoroughly tested for example with Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and of course the Raspberry Pi.

The Kodi Control kits are stocked in the EU so users don’t have to wait up to 6 weeks for the hardware to arrive from the Far East and each kit is fully tested and built by us for you prior to despatch. So how much does the Kodi Control kit cost? The current price is just £49 plus postage and packing. Remember this includes:

  • RF Controlled Switch for controlling your Boiler or other Home Appliance.
  • Kodi Control unit complete with USB cable.
  • Cross platform Operating Software.
  • Visual confirmation RF signal has been actioned.
  • Installation and Operating instructions.
  • Flexible design to learn additional RF codes (with 25% refund if it can’t learn your 433 MHz RF code, rolling codes excluded, limited time offer).
  • Fully assembled plug and play kit.

The flexible design also allows us to roll out firmware enhancements to add additional features to the Kodi Control device. These may include thermostatic control and control of Infrared devices but we welcome any Questions and Suggestions for future enhancements to the kit. Please complete the short form below if you would like us to email you more details or have any questions regarding Kodi Control.

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